Before I had the idea of actually rating onion rings, I would usually get them at every restaurant I went to. It all started at Cheddars when I went to a birthday dinner for my boyfriend and some wonderful people. Since then I tried getting them as much as possible because like I said, liking onions was a new feeling to me. So now, I’m going to do a rate of the onion rings I’ve had from different places before I had the idea of writing a blog. 

It started at Cheddars in Lakeland, Florida. These guys were amazing. The serving size for an appetizer was massive. Honestly I think these were the best ones I’ve had, but that might be because these were the ones I had my onion ring revelation on. Following those, I’ve had onion rings at Splitsville in Orlando, Florida, Buffalo Wild Wings in Tampa, Florida, and at The Pier in Anna Maria, Florida. Splitsvilles’ were definitely something else because they were so good and came in a decent sized order for the price. It was pretty cheap compared to what the other things on their menu were priced at, but then again they actually weren’t even on the menu. I guess along with rating onion rings, I’m exposing places who sell onion rings but don’t have them on the menu. Splitsville is one of them and definitely worth trying. The rings I had in Anna Maria were impressive as well. So many onion rings for such a little body. I ended up taking them home to my boyfriend and he reheated them in the oven and they were still good. These would be in a close second with Splitsville if they didn’t give my boyfriend gas. I wanted to save the worst for last… Buffalo Wild Wings. Horrible. They were limp and not cooked well at all. The crispy part of the onion ring fell apart as soon as you bit it, and the onion was all flimsy and yuck. I won’t be getting the onion rings from there ever again. 

Now that you guys are caught up with my past adventures, I will be posting a weekly official rating of new restaurants/onion rings. And maybe even a home made recipe every once in a while. 🙂 

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