So for my first official onion ring rating I will be doing the side order of beer battered onion rings at a cute (pretty hipster) restaurant in Knoxville, Tennessee. The restaurant is called Stock and Barrel located in Market Square. The restaurant was quaint but fancy looking, so I expected a lot when trying their rings. It had very dim lighting, you know the kind of light bulbs that hang from the ceiling. Very chic looking but also not good if you’re having one of your grandparents meet you there because they won’t be able to read the menu. Along with the hipster lights hanging all around, everything had a nice wood finish and the tables were small and close together. Pretty dapper place but, back to the important things. The onion rings. To be honest, they LOOKED perfect. They felt amazing biting into them, nice and crispy and golden. When you bit into them, the fried outsides didn’t fall apart and you weren’t left with a limp onion ring. The bad thing about them though, was the actual taste. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t terrible but the taste of the onion itself wasn’t the best. I ate as many as I could, obviously they were still tasty but I have had better. 

Size of rings- 7/10 

How well rings were cooked/prepared- 9/10

Taste of rings- 6/10

Serving size (for side item)- 8/10

All in all- 8/10 

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