So a while ago I made a post on my Facebook asking if anybody would read a blog that rated onion rings, and a few people said yes. Obviously enough people said yes for me to create one… So I bring to you, The Onion Ringer. Featuring my opinions on many different onion rings. Of course, I will be writing about other things at some point, probably more food based things because eventually I will (might) get tired of onion rings. Honestly, I have always been a really picky eater and never really had tried anything that had to do with onions because I thought I didn’t like them. Boy, was I wrong, my life has changed significantly since I tried onion rings for the first time. Many things not actually having to do with onion rings themselves, a lot having to do with my mom passing away and me dropping out of school and moving away, etc., etc. One thing that has stayed consistent in my life though, is food. Golden, crispy onion rings in particular. If you’re a foodie like me, or if you just love reading dumb things to waste time also like me (hey Buzzfeed), you should enjoy my ratings on food from different eateries.

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